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Steve King: I’m Not Pushing Impeachment Except When I Am

Iowa congressman, secret border control agent, and “man trying to forget what he buried in that cornfield” Steve King told CNN today that he isn’t pushing impeachment but also said we should impeach the president if he continues to do presidential things.

KING: I am not pushing impeachment. What I am doing is trying to deter the president from violating the constitution in a way we have never seen in the history of this country. That’s what that part is.

CUOMO: You have suggested impeachment.

KING: I have said that if the president continues to violate the constitution, if he should with the stroke of his pin, as he’s threatening to do with his trial balloons this last week, decides he’s going to grant amnesty in a lawless way — we’ve all taken an oath to uphold the constitution and I wouldn’t want some member of Congress to say that ‘whatever the president does, no matter how bad it is, we’re not gonna use the constitutional obligation.’

This interview is actually a bit of a misnomer because Steve King has been pushing impeachment not just recently but for years. It’s well documented.

You can go back nearly four years and find rumblings of impeachment over Solyndra. You can go back nearly three years and find rumblings of impeachment over Fast and Furious. The House Oversight Committee has been dedicated to finding the impeachment smoking gun for nearly four years. Each successive fake scandal manufactured by Darrell Issa’s Oversight Committee and the conservative entertainment complex has brought up talk of impeachment.

The idea that Democrats are the ones pushing impeachment talk is simply inaccurate. Democrats are several years late to the impeachment party.

Chris Cuomo deserves extra credit for not allowing King to wiggle his way out with grandiose rhetoric.

(H/T ThinkProgress)