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Steve King: Manage Immigrant Students With Indentured Servitude

Rather than treat immigrant students or "DREAMers" like human beings, Iowa congressman and man who can't forget what he buried in that cornfield Steve King has a business solution for dealing with the immigrant question.

During an interview with Boston Herald Radio that was conducted at an annual anti-immigrant convention, King said we should bond them just as we do those who've been charged with serious crimes.

Calling it a “business proposal” based on his experience as in the construction industry when his work was guaranteed by bonds, King asked, “Why can’t we do that with these students and just say bond them into this?

Bond them that they’ll come and they’ll follow the law and if their visa expires, we’ll just blame this on the bonding agent,” he said. “That’s how we let people out of jail. There’s a whole system out there, there’s an industry out there, why not let that be the guarantee? And then there’s no sweat on the enforcement, you just happen to have the check and balance in place.”


I assume if there's an option between going to school in a free country or going to school in a country where they will be bonded, those who have a choice will skip America. Not every immigrant child has that choice, however. Some are here because their parents brought them here or because they fled violence in their home countries. Steve King wants to bond them.

Presumably, the Steve King bonds would be issued on top of student loans and tuition for immigrant college students.

Ironically, King also told Boston Herald Radio that immigrants will weaken America and prevent us from "saving Western Civilization," but implementing King's bond program certainly wouldn't help. If bonding students is emblematic of King's "Western Civilization," maybe that civilization deserves to die. Furthermore, if this is King's idea of American exceptionalism, I'd say our exceptionalism is best left in the 18th century.