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Steve King Mistakes Nigerian Prince Email as Secret Iraq War Evidence. Probably.

Iowa congressman and secret border control agent Steve King apparently has access to evidence that no one else has, not even the administration of whom he speaks.

The Bush Administration eventually admitted that Iraq was not purchasing uranium from Niger, but Steve King claims that he has “hands-on evidence” that what Bush said was true. You know, just like when Steve King personally went to the border and picked drug smugglers up ‘with his own hands.’

After hand-waving the dishonesty and misdeeds of several former presidents, King segues directly into something about Obamacare.

At 0:50

KING: George W. Bush, he was accused of 16 words in the State of the Union address that they said was a lie and they’re still attacking him for that. And Jan, I will tell you, I have had hands-on evidence that what George Bush said in that State of the Union address was the truth and he was still punished for it.

The Democrats have raised this level now where where you even have a president who willfully misinforms the American people, one election or two on this… he got the bill passed because of the dishonesty that came out of the president of the United States. It would not have passed if he told the truth and I don’t think the president would have been reelected either.

According to secret intelligence agent Steve King, something President Obama said at some point about Obamacare is clearly much worse than President Bush delivering false information to the entire nation during the run-up to a bogus war, because that information wasn’t false. Minuteman Owl Steve King has “hands-on evidence” that Iraq was buying uranium from Niger.

As for what that evidence is, King leaves us guessing. I assume it isn’t Nigerian uranium, but we can’t be sure if Steve King received an email from a Nigerian Prince who wants to sell him some uranium, or if someone mailed him a brick of fool’s gold and told him it was yellowcake.

In any event, it’s clear that Steve King is still… the King of Crazy.