Steve King on Neo-Nazis: They’re Basically Republicans

Written by SK Ashby

Iowa congressman and man who can't forget what he buried in that cornfield, Steve King, participated in an interview with a Neo-Nazi website earlier this month during a trip through Europe that was funded by a holocaust museum charity.

When asked to explain himself, King said he doesn't know what the big deal is. After all, if the Austrian Nazis he's been palling around with were based in America, they'd be Republicans just like him.

He said the groups he’s associated with that are criticized as having neo-Nazi views were more accurately “far right” groups. He specifically cited Austria’s Freedom Party, which was founded by a former Nazi SS officer and is led by Heinz-Christian Strache, who was active in neo-Nazi circles as a youth. The group has emphasized a hard-line anti-immigration stance even as it seeks to distance itself from the Nazi connections.

If they were in America pushing the platform that they push, they would be Republicans,” King said.

Nothing to add.