Steve Stockman Wingnuts

Steve Stockman Says Build the Dang Fence and Other Insanities


One-man circus Steve “If Babies Had Guns” Stockman has unveiled a new proposal to build a double(!) border fence.

No word on whether or not it will have a moat.

Stockman’s bill, titled the SECURITY (Safely Exacting Cautious Useful Rules for Immigration This Year) Act would order the construction of a double fence along the U.S.-Mexico border and deploy additional National Guard troops. [...]

“These illegals say they are coming because Obama promised them welfare benefits,” Stockman said. “The invasion stops once Congress passes this bill, which cuts off welfare benefits to these illegals even if Obama issues an executive order giving them amnesty.”

If the invasion stops after Congress cuts off their welfare benefits, why would we need a double fence?

Has he thought this all the way through?

In case you aren’t already aware, undocumented immigrants do not qualify for “welfare benefits.” The president also did not promise them benefits which they cannot and are not receiving. But for arguments’ sake let’s assume for a moment that he did. Would it be a great shame to say that if you come to America there will be food available? That we won’t let you starve to death?

Has Stockman unveiled the first proposal of the Let Them Starve Caucus?

Undocumented immigrant children who are taken into custody may remain under the supervision of the Department of Health and Human Services for a temporary period of time where they will receive food, shelter, and medical care.

If you were to say that they should not receive those temporary benefits, you would also be saying that we should treat the children worse than prisoners.