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Steve Stockman’s Campaign Headquarters Condemned

AAAHH-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Off to a great start there, Steve.

Rep. Steve Stockman, the loud-mouthed Texan who on Monday announced a Republican primary challenge to Sen. John Cornyn, is known for barebones campaigning. Which is a good thing, considering the Tea Party insurgent may not currently even have a campaign office.

Officials in Webster, Texas last month ordered the emergency closure of Stockman’s campaign headquarters, The Houston Chronicle reported at the time. Officials cited multiple safety violations, and the newspaper reported that campaign staffers and volunteers were working and sleeping in a commercial building that was considered unsafe for habitation.

The office had been located in a former motorcycle shop, which a friend of Stockman’s allowed the campaign to use rent-free in 2012 and 2013. Inspectors found bunk beds in the building, according to the Chronicle, and Stockman himself bragged about the arrangement in an August 2012 profile in Human Events.