Dumbassery Super Stupid

Stop and Think


Patrons of the Mug Shots bar in St. Joseph, Missouri were invited to partake in a poorly-named deal for shots on Friday night.

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – A bar is facing public scrutiny after offering a Michael Brown shot special Friday night.

Mug Shots, a bar that goes by the slogan “where sarcasm is always free,” offered the special of six shots for $10. A picture of the sign advertising the deal surfaced on social media Saturday, causing controversy on the bar’s Facebook page. Now, the owner is apologizing to the public and has stopped offering the Michael Brown shot deal.

Ha! Get it? Six shots for 10 dollars, one for each time Michael Brown was shot. Hilarious!

Fucking hell.

It’s great that the bar owner has apologized and replaced the Michael Brown special with a new, self-deprecating special, but he should have stopped and thought about it for at least 2 or 3 seconds before launching the Brown special.

The Michael Brown shot special has been replaced by the “Owner of Mug Shots is an Asshole Shot Special” which is actually funny.