Republican Party

Stop Flirting with Huntsman

Jon Huntsman isn't your friend. As Josh Dobbin wrote in the comments, "It's the real 'soft bigotry of low expectations' that we cheer when a republican admits that 2 + 2=4."

Just because he admits to the existence of science, and endorses both evolution and climate change doesn't mean he's worthy of your vote. Being reasonable and smart are givens. He also wears pants and breathes air. But he's still a Republican who, among other things...

-Supports the flat tax
-He will unravel healthcare reform
-He's against a ban on assault weapons and is in bed with the NRA

On abortion, from his website:

As governor, he signed landmark legislation to limit abortion and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

He signed HB 90 to make second-trimester abortions illegal and increase the penalty for performing an illegal abortion. He signed HB 222 to allow women to learn about the pain an abortion will cause to their unborn child. He signed HB 85 to require parental consent for minors to obtain an abortion.

Gov. Huntsman also supported a "trigger" bill that would prohibit abortions in Utah if Roe v. Wade were overturned.

And he supports the right to life amendment.

If you're flirting with Jon Huntsman for some reason, be careful. I'm old enough to remember a time when liberals believed George W. Bush when he acted like a moderate in 1999-2000.

Yes, he should be applauded for being a reasonable Republican. But any support from the left should end there. We want to elect politicians who are center-left and left -- not conservatives who just happen to not be crazy.