Stupid Church

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Chris Britt)

In other news, the Economic Policy Institute estimates that President Biden's executive order mandating a $15 minimum wage for federal contractors will benefit about 390,000 workers.

Meanwhile, the state of Ohio is no longer opposing a court order to allow transgender people to update the gender on their birth certificates. That means Tennessee is the only state that still doesn't allow it under any circumstances.

Finally, a record number of Americans have purchased guns in recent weeks but many are first-time buyers from diverse backgrounds. Sellers say more people are buying guns because they don't trust the police to protect them.

Mark Oliva, public affairs director for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said the largest demographic increase was among nonwhite Americans.

"Today's gun owner looks a lot less like me and looks a whole lot more like America," Oliva, who is white, said.

Solomon, owner of Redstone Firearms and who has been running California's only Black-owned gun shop since 2015 with her husband, said that in the past year she's noticed an increase in the number of Black women who have come into the store to buy a gun.

Part of that interest stems from the strained relations between the Black community and police and a real fear of dialing 911 in emergencies, she said.

"Because of that most of our customers that have come in here take on that personal responsibility to be able to protect themselves," she said.

It's not good that more people are buying more guns, but at least it's not white people stockpiling more guns for the Race War that Fox News promised them.

These purchases appear to be for the very real, ongoing, centuries-old race war that black women have suffered the greatest pain from. The war on black mothers and their children started with slavery and it never truly ended.

Minorities arming themselves may be the only thing that eventually leads to more gun control in America. As a transgender woman, I have considered buying a gun for the first time in my life to protect myself, but it's low on the list of spending priorities when I'm broke. Between a gun and food, food wins every time.