Suck It, Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart's latest edited work of videotape chicanery (link goes to Breitbart's article) has claimed another scalp. This time, it's USDA official Shirley Sherrod who, Breitbart claims, discriminated against a white farmer couple. Breitbart selectively edited an NAACP speech by Sherrod in which she says she thought about not helping the farmers because they were being condescending to her.

As a result of Breitbart's video, Sherrod has resigned from her post at the USDA.

However, it turns out Sherrod worked tirelessly and saved the farm.

The wife of the white farmer allegedly discriminated against by the USDA's rural development director for Georgia said Shirley Sherrod "kept us out of bankruptcy."

Eloise Spooner, 82, awoke Tuesday to discover that Sherrod had lost her job after videotaped comments she made in March at a local NAACP banquet surfaced on the web. [...]

But Spooner, who considers Sherrod a "friend for life," said the federal official worked tirelessly to help the Iron City couple hold onto their land as they faced bankruptcy back in 1986.

"Her husband told her, ‘You're spending more time with the Spooners than you are with me,' " Spooner told the AJC. "She took probably two or three trips with us to Albany just to help us out."

So Sherrod went above and beyond the call of duty to help the Spooner farm.

The broader point here is the wingnut right's desperate attempt to make it seem as though African Americans (12.4 percent of the U.S. population) are somehow keeping white people (75 percent of the U.S. population) down. This concept, of course, is the cornerstone of the white supremacist movement.

And, once again, we have another episode of the wingnut right playing the whiny victim and grappling onto the most inconsequential and ultimately fabricated controversies as a pretext for their collective cry-baby attitude.

White people control the nation and most of the western world, Breitbart, and no matter how many bullshit tapes you edit to unfairly indict black people, you'll still be a big whiny diaper baby who boosts his career with Southern Strategy tricks and hackery.

Adding... Sherrod and Eloise Spooner on CNN today:

UPDATE: Breitbart tells Ed Morrissey he hasn't seen the full speech. So, true to form, he posted it and made accusations based upon it -- without having screened all of it.