President Obama

Sullivan Reacts to Newsweek Backlash

So Sullivan was targeted by all sides as an Obamabot and an Obama apologist following his Newsweek cover story.

But last night he very obviously and self-consciously reacted to critics by completely trashing the president's speech and by praising Mitch Daniels' ultra-conservative, the-sky-is-falling-AAAHHHH! response -- a response, by the way, in which Daniels, George W. Bush's budget director who presided over turning a surplus into a record deficit and doubled the national debt, chastised the president for adding to the debt! Instead, this "sane Republican," as Sullivan called him, demanded more tax cuts for the rich -- a prospect that, when passed by the Bush team, contributed most to the debt.

It happens too often. I somehow get lulled into being sympathetic to Sullivan, and then he turns around and kneejerks into something more closely resembling a cable news "better not look too biased" hack.