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Super Stupid


Here’s one for the ages from a sitting U.S. congressman.

It’s not entirely clear what his point is.

Is he trying to say President Obama should be more like Hitler?

To address but not obsesses over this nontroversy — if you’re super concerned that the president, or a senior member of his cabinet, did not attend a staged photo op in Paris on very short notice, I don’t want to know you.

Even if the event was not staged, it would have been embarrassing, from my perspective, if someone from the administration had attended. As many others have pointed out, the world leaders photographed at the front of the pack have a record of jailing or killing bloggers and journalists.

And let’s be real — if the president or someone from the administration had attended the photo op, that would have been the controversy.

“Why is President Obama wasting taxpayer money to attend staged photo ops?”

“Why is the president standing next to these enemies of the press?”

“The president attends Paris rally while conducting a war on whistleblowers”

But let’s get back to an indisputable fact: Representative Randy Weber (R-TX) is a moron.

Update… Weber finally deleted his tweet, but the quote above remains accurate. Here’s a screencapture.