Super Stupid

Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity think that fuel-efficiency (CAFE) standards made the Big Three go boom. Think Progress:

– MITT ROMNEY: Well, government did [cause a lot of this]. There’s no question but that the CAFE standards have put an unusual burden on the domestic automobile manufacturers. And our energy policies as a country continue to put burdens on domestic manufacturers. That’s just — that’s reality. [11/19/08]

– SEAN HANNITY: They [the government] — you know, between the unions, between trade policy, safety standards, CAFE standards, you know, economy, fuel economy standards, they’re forcing these auto companies to be in a position where they’re not as competitive. [11/14/08]

Safety standards? Hannity clearly wants a return to steel dashboards that crush skulls, and lap-belts that sever people in half at the waist. Oh and look! Bill Kristol, who has been wrong about literally everything agrees:

– WILLIAM KRISTOL: Well, one problem with the auto industry is we have been telling them how to operate an awful lot, you know, in terms of CAFE standards and other things, probably which should not have been most — may have been the most — not the most intelligent way to help that industry. [11/16/08]

Yeah, you know, because the Toyota and Honda got their asses kicked by making safe, fuel-efficient cars.

Is it any wonder why the Republicans have 1) screwed us, and 2) screwed themselves?