Michelle Malkin

Super Stupid

This Pajamas Media video about "going Galt" is remarkably silly (jump to the halfway mark to be totally amazed by stupidity). Do these wingnuts realize the full scope of what Ayn Rand was all about? In numerous ways, to embrace Rand's objectivism is to reject modern conservatism. Begin with her embrace of science and rejection of religion and go from there. (Here's "going Galt" leader Michelle Malkin calling for atheists to be mocked. Rand was an atheist.)

But that's not the silliest aspect of "going Galt." After eight years of vocally supporting Bush Republican policies involving unprecedented government growth and executive power, suddenly the wingnuts are all about freedom from government tyranny? That's hilarious.

Malkin, who is very religious by the way, has been a loud opponent of the ACLU and supporter of domestic surveillance -- very un-Galt and un-Rand of her. This is a lady who referred to "moonbat" protests as "criminal anti-war thuggery."

(Source: TBogg)