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Tax Cut Magic


As you may already be aware, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s economic regimen has backfired. Tax cuts signed into law by his administration have left deep holes in the state budget which resulted in cuts to education, among other things. It’s been called everything from a “disaster” to a “catastrophe” while the Washington Post editorial board said it has put Kansas on a “path to penury.”

A path to poverty? Where have I heard that before?

Brownback, for his part, says his tax cuts will grow into a giant stalk leading into the sky if we simply give it time.

“I think the left is just so desperate,” Brownback said. “They want this model to fail so bad that they can’t wait for it to and they just want to get me electorally before we get on through this and prove that this is working.

The left wants the model to fail? The model has already failed.

Several years later, the state economy is in worse shape and Brownback is asking for more time for his evidence-shunning economic formula to kick in. The left, he says, is trying to ‘get him’ before his magic beans mature.

Americans waited a long time for the Bush tax cuts to work their magic and they never did. They only led to budget holes and budget cuts.

Conservative economic theory doesn’t work. It’s junk science. And you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it; you can just look at Kansas if the economic legacy of George W. Bush wasn’t enough evidence for you.

Republicans will undoubtedly run on the same failed economic policies in 2016, again, because that’s what conservatism is at this point. Conservatism is a series of conspiracy theories, bigotry, and self-serving denial.