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Tea Party Congressman Steve Stockman to Primary Challenge John Cornyn in Senate Race

This is easily the best news of the month so far. Everyone’s least favorite irritant, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has announced that he’s primary-challenging Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) next year.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Stockman, he’s the first-term congressman who basically took over Ron Paul’s old district and has since spent the first half of his term as a Twitter troll.

It’s not the first time Stockman has been a member of Congress. He previously won a seat in the House in the 1994 election. Shortly thereafter, he rose to infamy when he was not only caught with 30mg of Valium stashed in his underpants, but also when, minutes after the Oklahoma City bombing, Stockman received a mysterious fax from a militia group detailing the bombing. Stockman forwarded a copy to the FBI, but, weirdly, he also sent a copy to the National Rifle Association. Indeed, Stockman is connected to various anti-government right-wing militias.

He was also investigated by the FEC for creating a newspaper using campaign money. The newspaper appeared before the election and disappeared quietly after his victory. Some of the headlines? “Servicemen Don’t Want Sodomites in the Military” and “HUD Appointee is a ‘Mean Lesbian.’”

He lost his seat in a contested election in 1996. Thank God.

But like a relapsing political cancer, Stockman returned to Congress sixteen years later… [CONTINUE READING]