Epic Fail Rand Paul

Team Rand: He Didn’t Say That Thing He Said Which We Won’t Name


In case you didn’t notice, there have been quite a few stories lately, from columns to blog posts, popping up all over the web demonstrating that Rand Paul has completely flipped on previous positions. And, in some cases, he has flipped and flopped from one week to the next.

Rand’s campaign is now denying that he has changed positions, accusing the Washington Post of misrepresenting his views. But that would be easier to refute, however, if Rand’s campaign would say which of his many views has been misrepresented.

After saying that a recent story in the Washington Post was “full of inaccuracies” during an interview with The Federalist, Rand’s campaign declined to tell the Washington Post what was inaccurate.

Afterward, the Post asked a spokesman for Paul’s Senate office to identify the inaccuracies that the senator had been referring to.

Paul’s spokesman declined. “We will be doing this on another platform,” spokesman Brian Darling wrote in an email.

If the other platform Rand plans to address this in is an op-ed, it probably won’t turn out too well for him.

Rand has written a number of op-eds in the past month and each successive piece included lines that were contradicted in the previous one.

The truth is Rand holds every position and no position.