Abandon All Reason, Ye Who Enter Here

Yesterday it appeared that Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was attempting to present himself as a voice for reason when he said that he warned congressional Republican leadership that shutting down the Department of Homeland Security was "not a winning strategy" and that they "went down this road" despite his warning.

It now appears that we were mistaken.

Senator Cruz does believe that shutting down the Department of Homeland Security is a mistake, but not because it may pose a risk to national security, threaten the paychecks for over 150,000 agents and personnel, or simply look bad in the polls.

Cruz believes it's a mistake because shutting down just one department isn't enough.

CRUZ: "My views have been clear and explicit from the beginning. Congress should use every constitutional check and balance we have to rein in the unconstitutional and illegal executive amnesty from President Obama. That includes using the power of the purse — although with the 'cromnibus' we've given away virtually all of our leverage, by already funding almost the entirety of the federal government. ... And for a couple of months now I have called on the new majority leader to publicly announce that the Senate will not confirm any nominees, executive or judicial, other than vital national security positions, unless and until the president rescinds his unconstitutional amnesty."

The grave error of congressional Republican leadership is not threatening the funding for the Department of Homeland Security, according to Ted Cruz, it's agreeing to fund any department.

My error, and the error of many others who discussed this subject yesterday, was in underestimating the batshit insanity of Ted Cruz.

What Cruz refers to as "unconstitutional amnesty," is neither unconstitutional or amnesty, and the reason we find ourselves in the current situation is because Republicans in Congress wish to deport hundreds of thousands of students and workers who, for all intents and purposes, consider America to be their home.

The end justifies the means for Ted Cruz and many if not most of his colleagues.