Ted Cruz: The ‘Gay Jihad’ Has Arrived

It's not clear how gay rights is connected to home-schooling, but Ted Cruz spoke out against gay rights advocates yesterday at a presidential forum hosted by a home-schooling organization.

via RightWingWatch

Cruz, speaking at a panel moderated by conservative talk show host Steve Deace, who regularly castigates the “Rainbow Jihad,” told the crowd of homeschooling activists that they should fear “the jihad that is being waged right now in Indiana and Arkansas, going after people of faith who respect the biblical teaching that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.”

Given that both Indiana and Arkansas legislators amended their "religious freedom" laws, does that mean the legislators are waging a jihad against people of faith? Are the legislators and governors who agreed to amend their laws working in cahoots with the gay jihadis? I imagine they would deny that.

Why should anyone vote for Ted Cruz, a man who actually, seriously refers to the gay rights movement as a 'gay jihad?'

According to Cruz, you should vote for him because he can “bring people together” to fight the gay jihad.

At the same event, known as the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators' Capitol Day, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal also decried "Hollywood elites and corporate America" for speaking out against "religious freedom" laws in Indiana and Arkansas.

I'd ask Bobby Jindal the same question: is Governor Mike Pence now a Hollywood elitist for agreeing to sign amended legislation? Does the Arkansas legislature represent the godless heathen liberals of Hollywood? They agreed to amend their laws, didn't they? Is Hollywood elitist Mike Pence working with the gay jihadis?

Here's another question: what the fuck does Hollywood have to do with legislation in Indiana and Arkansas?