Ted Cruz Will Burn it All Down if Obama Doesn’t Stop the UN From Following His Plan

That is a ridiculous headline, but so is Ted Cruz.

The Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate is threatening to block funding for the State Department if President Obama doesn't stop the United Nations from implementing the president's plans.

"Why the fuck would he do that?"

Cruz wrote that if Obama doesn’t promise to block the U.N.’s approval of the resolution and lifting of sanctions before Congress votes on the deal, he’ll hold any legislation that authorizes State Department funding and block its nominees.

The administration’s efforts are “an offensive level of disrespect for the American people and their elected representatives in Congress,” wrote Cruz, who has called the deal a “mistake of historic proportions.”

Unless two thirds of both chambers of Congress vote to override a presidential veto and kill the Iran deal, Cruz's protest is moot.

With House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) strongly supporting the deal, it's extremely unlikely two thirds of the House will vote against it. I have no doubt that a handful of House Democrats may join Republicans in their revolt, but not enough.

House Republicans can barely muster enough votes to pass their own bills half the time let alone override a veto.