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Ted Nugent’s Assassination Talk is Just The Beginning

I hope you're liking my daily posts at The Daily Banter. Here's my Wednesday item in which I totally go off on Ted Nugent:

Fortunately for the nation, nobody really pays much attention to Ted Nugent. He’s a big nothing. I’m talking about Ted Nugent as a musician, of course. His recordings are the worst kind of classic rock simpleton nonsense, and even during his prime — which I suppose was his “Cat Scratch Fever” fifteen minutes — he was still kind of a novelty silly-song act who no one took very seriously as a real artist.

But like a lot of showmen who are miraculously capable of stringing together a sentence and who are also way past their expiration date, Ted Nugent has seized upon the conservative marketing segment, and now he’s arguably more popular as a wingnut than as a loin-clothed rocker.

Accented by his whistly-toothed rants and his punch-me face...

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