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Tennessee Lawmaker Assumes He Knows What He’s Talking About But Doesn’t

Written by SK Ashby

Tennessee state Senator Todd Gardenhire (R) may have more experience with vasectomies than women do, but does he have more experience with abortions? I doubt it.

Tennessee lawmakers are considering a bill that would require a 48-hour waiting period to obtain an abortion; a bill that Gardenhire supports.

"Having personal experience in that field, and also having one reversed, I promise that when you start talking to a doctor about whacking on you down there, you want to wait a while and think about it," Gardenhire said.

"So I want to tell you, men go through a lot more stringent process to have a vasectomy than a woman does, I would assume, on an abortion," Gardenhire concluded.

Gardenhire clearly never heard the proverb that when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me.

Note that men don't actually go through a more stringent process for a vasectomy than women do for an abortion. Waiting a while to "think about it" may be part of the process for him and other men before they get 'whacked,' but it is not something that is mandated by law. Even if women have already spent a great deal of time considering an abortion, lawmakers like Gardenhire want to mandate that they think about it even more.

As far as I know, no state legislature is attempting to ban vasectomies while plenty have tried, and are currently trying, to ban abortion. I'm also unaware of any legislative attempts to require admitting privileges for vasectomies or forced ultrasounds or other unnecessary probing and waiting periods.