Terrible Adults Act Slightly Less Terrible for a Brief Moment

Written by SK Ashby

Two weeks ago a group of 4th graders in New Hampshire were invited to participate in drafting and passing legislation but quickly found out that being an adult doesn't necessarily mean you're more mature than a 4th grader.

One elected jackass compared the 4th graders' bill to name the red-tailed hawk the official state raptor to Planned Parenthood, while another elected idiot compared the bill to naming a state hot dog.

What's wrong with naming a state hot dog? Why do you hate America?

The state legislature has attempted by make amends by passing a resolution to encourage students to participate.

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire lawmakers have passed a resolution to formally encourage student participation in government even as the legislators are being lampooned nationally for mocking what started as a civics lesson for fourth-graders.

The House passed the resolution Wednesday following much-criticized and publicized debate over whether to name the red-tailed hawk the official state raptor. As the students who championed the bill watched, one lawmaker invoked abortion and others called the students' effort a waste of time.

That's nice, but all is not well.

The state representative who originally sponsored the 4th graders' bill spoke on the floor of the legislature when the resolution was passed, but not every elected asshole appreciated his remarks.

Rep. Renny Cushing, who sponsored the students' bill, addressed the chamber Wednesday and apologized to all the students in the state for his colleagues' actions. Cushing said he first came to the statehouse as a fourth-grader and later, before he was elected, helped bring a bill to the floor that was defeated. [...]

When Cushing finished speaking, the lawmakers rose to their feet and applauded for several seconds, but when a motion was made to enter his comments into the permanent record, a minority of legislators shouted, "No!"


Cushing said he told the 4th grade class that the legislature is "really not as mean and cranky" as they were on the day that their raptor bill was killed, but they clearly are.