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Texas Attorney General May Be Held in Contempt of Federal Court

Written by SK Ashby

This isn't related to the indictment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on several felony counts of fraud.

Paxton is also facing a contempt hearing over his refusal to recognize same-sex marriages under a federal court ruling that he must do so.

More specifically, the state has refused to alter a death certificate for a same-sex couple.

After the landmark Supreme Court ruling in June, Hoskins sent the state $46 and filled out the form to correct Box #8 on his husband's death certificate to show James was legally married.

The state cashed Hoskins' check, but refused to make the change. [...]

A federal judge ordered the state to immediately issue a corrected death certificate which shows James and John as married.

Paxton is now facing a contempt hearing for refusing to follow the order.

In case you missed it before, here's Ken Paxton's mugshot.


I'll refrain from sharing his ugly mug again unless he's indicted for something else. You never know.