Texas House Approves Scarlet Letter for Obamacare

Written by SK Ashby

I have no snark for this. This is fucking twisted.

House Bill 1514, which would add a special label to the health insurance cards of people receiving financial assistance under the Affordable Care Act, tentatively passed the Texas House on Friday afternoon.

After Democrats unsuccessfully sought to derail the bill — authored by J. D. Sheffield, R-Gatesville — the bill cleared the House with a 90-46 vote. It now heads to the Senate.

Under this legislation, those who signed up for coverage through the federal exchange would receive a special designation on their insurance card, while those who are receiving subsidies would also receive a special designation.

The idea alone is grossly offensive, but the reason cited for passing it is ignorant to say the least.

Supporters of the bill say it will give doctors an opportunity to remind specific patients that they need to pay their bills.

No shit?

In addition to being insanely offensive, this legislation misses the point. Those who receive subsidies aren't necessarily poor or even close to being poor. A family of four living off an average amount of income will likely qualify for subsidies. Those who do not qualify for subsidies either make too much money or they may qualify for Medicaid. More than 1 million additional people would qualify for Medicaid if Texas agreed to accept the expansion of Medicaid.

I don't know what's worse: the idea that they really believe people who sign up for Obamacare are all deadbeats, or if that's just a thin excuse to shit on people.

Go ahead and remind your patients that they need to pay their bills and they will find another doctor.