Texas Miracle Not So Miraculous

By now, regular readers and fans of the Bob and Chez Show recognize that Governor Rick Perry's "Texas Miracle" is a load of horseshit, but why not add insult to injury?

NBC’s Michael Isikoff reports that the Texas unemployment rate “increased to 8.5% in August — the highest level in more than 24 years and more than twice the rate when Perry took office in December 2000.”

That’s still below the 9.1 percent average nationwide. But remember how the latest national figures showed zero job growth? Well Perry’s Texas lost territory, shedding 1,300 in August. The private sector added 8,100 jobs, but the public sector lost 9,400.

The highest level in 24 years and twice the rate from when Governor Rick Perry took office.

Can you imagine the outrage if the national unemployment figure was twice the rate now from when President Obama took office?

To be fair -- or to just use the opportunity to point out how lackluster his fellow running-mate is -- Perry's record is still better than Mitt Romney. The state of Massachusetts ranked 49th out of 50 in job creation during Romney's tenure. The bar is pretty low.

I wouldn't count on the very serious, corporate news media pointing this out. Your regular dose of miracles will continue to be administered as directed.