Texas Republicans Water Down an Animal Cruelty Bill Because… Abortion

Written by SK Ashby

There's nothing funny about this but I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh my goddamn ass of in a maniacal manner when I read it.

Republicans in the Texas state legislature advanced legislation that would increase criminal penalties for the worst cases of animal cruelty, but the bill has been watered down because abortion.

I cannot, will not and shall not allow the Texas House to place a higher value to a pet over the life of a human being,” said [Rep. Tony Tinderholt], who earlier this session filed a bill to outlaw abortion that was not acted upon.

Rep. Tinderholt, a Republican who represents the city of Arlington, introduced an amendment that would limit penalties for unspeakable acts of animal cruelty because the penalties were steeper than those for non-existent "partial birth" abortion procedures. That is not a real thing, but animal cruelty definitely is.

The House voted along party lines to adopt his amendment.