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Thank You, Racism


Colbert is back from vacation and he’s talking about the Republican lawsuit against President Obama no his “long, award-losing segment: Thank You, Racism.”

If there’s one thing I’ve always said about our President Barack Obama is that he’s an ineffectual weakling in mom-jeans, but if there’s a second thing I’ve said it’s that he’s an imperial tyrant with an iron fist in mom-jeans. And facing the last two years of his life-long rule, Obama has sworn to use executive orders to ram his nefarious agenda down America’s gullet. [...]

I see only now that executive orders have always been wrong, but without my apparent distrust of black people I wouldn’t have had the courage to suddenly be moved to protect the constitution from the overreach I didn’t care about before. Now I am standing up for America or against Obama. Whatever. Same diff.

I know I’ve said some terrible things about racism in the past, folks, but I guess I pre-judged racism without really knowing it.

Nailed it.