George W. Bush

Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Bush

Today while meeting with congressional Republicans, George W. Bush gave a preview of his state of the union address next week:

"I will remind the country we're still at war. I want to thank the Congress for providing the necessary support for our troops who are in harm's way."

They need all the support they can get, considering Mr. Bush has blamed many scathing wartime scandals on them (Abu Ghraib, Al Qa Qaa, "Mission Accomplished", to name three). His support has also come in the form of his 2005 budget pledge to cut their veteran benefits. And his inability to properly supply them with armor has resulted in the one of the highest rates of amputations of any American war.

How can we forget that we're at war, Mr. Bush? I think you need to be reminded, since you don't read the papers and refuse to listen to bad news. We need to be reminded? You can remind us all you want when Jenna and Barbara enlist and are stationed in Mosul.

Speaking of the First Twins, more from the AP:

Republican sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that in the private portion of the discussion, Bush invoked his twin 22-year-old daughters, Jenna and Barbara, as examples of the need to pass Social Security legislation.

How do Jenna and Barbara, who will never have to worry about money, accurately represent the average 22-year-old?