Republican Party

“That’s somebody else’s problem”

Written by SK Ashby

Is Trump a threat to Democracy? Will he start another war?

Senator Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have made that case, but other senators have their own priorities that don't include saving the country.

The Huffington Post spoke to several Republican senators about their colleagues' recent comments and Senator Ron Johnson's response was to categorically deny that the threat of Trump is his responsibility.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said he is focused on tax reform, health care and reducing the debt. If Trump happens to make dangerous or false statements in the meantime, he said he doesn’t feel responsible for calling him out.

“That’s his problem. That’s somebody else’s problem. That’s not my problem,” said Johnson. “I’ve got my own things I’m trying to concentrate on, OK?

If Johnson truly believes the future of Western Democracy is "somebody else's problem," I don't know why he's a senator.

It's not as if Johnson is doing his part to save the country in his own way. He says he focused on taxes, health care, and debt, but his priority is to cut taxes for the rich, reduce access to health care, and explode the debt.

The Republican party is a slow-motion suicide cult.