George W. Bush

That's it. Bush is drunk or stoned or both.

More from Bubble Boy today:

In other words, democracy is unfolding. And the reason why that's important is, is that we've had a -- we had a policy that just said, let the dictator stay there, don't worry about it. And as a result of dictatorship, and as a result of tyranny, resentment, hopelessness began to develop in that part of the world, which became the -- gave the terrorists capacity to recruit. We just cannot tolerate the status quo. We're at war.

1) Theocracy is unfolding. Someone get this guy an 8th grade civics text, please.

2) That "policy" was established by Poppy -- his Dad for fuck sake!

3) The terrorists have only been recruiting in Iraq SINCE the invasion. So Secular Saddam allowed radical jihadists to freely recruit and operate? That's hilarious.

By the way, check my latest article at the Huffington Post for a look at how Bush is honoring the troops between speeches about Iraq.