The Adventures of Tariff Man

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Ed Hall)

In other news, USA Gymnastics, the organization responsible for the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, has filed for bankruptcy. The US Olympic Committee recently stripped USA Gymnastics of its governing power. It's basically dead.

Meanwhile, British parliament has released documents seized from Facebook that prove the allegations of third party app developer Six4Three. Although that's not the reason parliament was interested in the documents, the documents confirm that Facebook granted secret access to user data to specific companies while shutting out others. Facebook secretly granted access to user data even after they publicly claimed they stopped doing so.

Finally, here's flying circus peanut or "blimp with jaundice," Tariff Man.

"Faster that one of his marriages. More confused than a dog watching a magic trick. Able to build tall buildings without paying contractors. [...] With an ego and an ignorance far beyond that of mortal men."