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The After Party (Free Preview) 5/10/19

Written by Bob Cesca

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This week: Banana -- It's a FREE PREVIEW edition of the After Party; If you like what you hear, please consider subscribing to the "After Party" tier on our Patreon page; Kimberley Johnson is here; Our gas leak scare; The E! True Hollywood Story: Three's Company; Kimberley on Alyssa Milano's podcast; Ben Shapiro is an idiot; Trump wants to legalize female genital mutilation; Alabama wants to criminalize abortions; The Georgia law; Trump and the stock market; The latest with Biden, Giuliani and Ukraine; Did the Avengers movie fat-shame Thor?; Pump Up The Volume; The health benefits of staring at boobs; with music by Bob Bradshaw; and much more!

Bob Bradshaw - "The Assumptions We Make" from American Echoes