The Ben Carson Lunacy Drought Subsides

Written by SK Ashby

Our thirst for a periodic bout of Ben Carson lunacy has been quenched.

War is coming according to esteemed doctor and Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. Lots of wars. So many wars I don't believe we have the manpower to wage all of them at once.

Carson recently appeared on an Iowan conservative podcast wherein President Obama was condemned for "injecting gun control" into the conversation after 9 people were killed by a gun in Charleston, South Carolina.

Carson would never do such a thing, however. Rather than use the presidential podium to confront real, existential problems, Carson would use it to cancel the war(s) President Obama intends to wage on the American people.

via RightWingWatch

“No, I think I would use the bully pulpit to help people realize what we have in common rather than what separates us,” Carson responded. “What it’s been used for for the last several years is to create wars: a war on women, race wars, any kind of anything involving people of two different races, income wars, always class warfare, religious wars now, age wars. You know, these are exactly the kinds of things you want to do when you want to destroy a society, not when you want to bring people together.”

It's a little more clear now why the president needed to recruit a secret army of immigrant children. There's no way he could wage this many wars on the American people without outside help.

If he's going to use his secret army before leaving office, he should probably get started. The clock is ticking.