The Benghazi Committee is Now the Number One Bullshit Committee of All Time

The Select Solyndra IRS Committee to Investigate the Benghazi ACORN Birth Certificate Email Account now represents the longest-running special investigation in our nation's history.

As of Monday, the committee has been in existence for a total of 72 weeks, surpassing the 1970s effort to investigate the Watergate scandal — the previous longest special investigatory committee, which ran for just less than one year and five months. [...]

In surpassing the Watergate Committee, the Benghazi investigation has become the longest-running special committee tasked with investigating a specific topic.

And it's not as if the Select Bullshit Committee will be dissolved anytime soon. I expect the committee will not release a report confirming that we know what we already knew until at least next Spring.

There's a lot we don't know, however, given that Speaker John Boehner will resign next month and set off a scramble for leadership positions. There is every indication that future House leaders will more closely represent the more radical members of the House GOP and they could even widen this witch hunt.

I would not be the least bit surprised if the next speaker wins by promising to create a Select Planned Parenthood Committee.