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According to a report from Media Matters, Fox News aired nearly 1,100 segments on Benghazi between September of 2012 and May of 2014. And to be clear, this does not merely include mentions of Benghazi; it includes “significant discussion” between at least two speakers.

A significant number of the segments were devoted to conspiracy theories as tallied by Media Matters. (emphasis mine)

1,098 total Fox News evening segments that included significant discussion of Benghazi — an average of about 13 segments per week

In 18 of 20 months studied, Fox ran at least 20 Benghazi segments per month, with a high of 174 in October 2012

382 segments aired on Special Report, the network’s flagship news program

478 segments invoked the talking points used for Susan Rice’s 2012 Sunday show appearances

281 segments alleging a “cover-up” by the Obama administration

144 interviews of GOP members of Congress versus only five interviews of Democratic members of Congress and Obama administration officials

120 comparisons to Iran-Contra, Watergate, and the actions of the Nixon administration

105 attempts to link Benghazi to Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential ambitions

100 segments promoting the lie that the administration issued a “stand-down order”

It’s been four months since May and Fox News has continued to devote a significant amount of time to covering Benghazi and has continued to promote conspiracy theories, including a recent claim that Hillary Clinton’s staff “scrubbed” incriminating documents.

On the anniversary of September 11th, Fox News host Megyn Kelly even repeated the claim that President Obama never called it terrorism.

We all remember how well that claim worked out for Mitt Romney. “Please proceed.”