Election 2012

The Biggest and Best Gingrich Crazy Bomb

God bless his snowy bulbous head. Gingrich is staying in the race until the convention.

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Despite signs that he could lose the important Florida primary on Tuesday, Newt Gingrich, who picked up the endorsement of a former opponent, Herman Cain, pledged Saturday to stay in the nominating race until the very end, telling reporters he would press on until the Republican convention in Tampa in August.

“I will go all the way to the convention,” Mr. Gingrich said after a rally at a golf course here. “I expect to win the nomination.”

If you recall, this was the scariest scenario four years ago during the Obama/Clinton battle -- the notion of Clinton taking her campaign to the convention. The longer she stayed in and prevented then-Senator Obama from focusing on McCain, the weaker his general election chances would be. But here's Newt Gingrich doing that exact thing. Oh, and so is Ron Paul. Hopefully they'll continue to weaken Romney and split the Republican Party into three shrinking chunks.