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The Bob Cesca Interview: Donna Halper 4/19/23

Written by Bob Cesca

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Donna Halper -- Donna returns to the show to talk about the settlement in the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News. Plus, Donna is being inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasting Hall of Fame, so we talked about the early days of her career and how she shattered many glass ceilings. In case you're new to the podcast, Donna is a former radio deejay, she introduced American audiences to my favorite band, Rush, she's authored six books, she's a media historian and a baseball historian, she's a college professor, and she's a regular guest on such podcasts as this one. Read her blog here and follow her on Twitter here. Meantime, think about supporting this fully independent podcast by subscribing to our Patreon page at Music by Freekbass.

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