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The Bob Cesca Interview: Donna Halper Day 11/29/23

Written by Bob Cesca

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Donna Halper Day -- The great Donna Halper returns to the podcast. You might know Donna as the broadcaster who introduced the band Rush to American audiences while she was a deejay at WMMS in Cleveland. She's also a professor of communications, a media historian, and a baseball historian. Today we talked a lot about Geddy Lee's new book My Effin' Life (promotional link) and Donna's appearance on stage with Geddy in Cleveland last week. We also talked a bit about the rising tide of anti-semitism in America, and more. Make sure to bookmark Donna's blog and follow her on Twitter. Meantime, don't forget to support this podcast by subscribing us on Patreon – Music by Circe Link and Christian Nesmith.

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