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The Bob Cesca Interview: Dr. Irwin Redlener 11/17/21

Written by Bob Cesca

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Dr. Irwin Redlener -- [Explicit Language] Dr. Redlener joins Bob to discuss everything you need to know about COVID as the holiday season rapidly approaches. Dr. Redlener is not only a pediatrician, he's also the director of the Pandemic Resource and Response Initiative (PRRI) and he's the Senior Research Scholar for the National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. You might've also heard Dr. Redlener every Thursday on the Stephanie Miller Show where he's known as "Dr. Doom." His books are “The Future Of Us” and “Americans At Risk,” and you can find him on Twitter @IrwinRedlenerMD. Meantime, if you like what you hear today, subscribe to our bonus content at

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