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The Bob Cesca Interview: Lauren Windsor 11/1/23

Written by Bob Cesca

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Lauren Windsor -- We should be grateful Lauren Windsor is on our side. Lauren is famous for her sting videos where she acts like a Trump supporter and gets people like John Eastman, Glenn Youngkin, and Tommy Tuberville to blab all kinds of incriminating things. You may have heard about Lauren on Rachel Maddow's show, or Keith Olbermann's Countdown podcast, not to mention her appearance on Start Me Up with Kimberley Johnson. She's working with, she's the centerpiece of the YouTube channel called The Undercurrent, and she's responsible for Project Veritas Exposed. Meantime, don't forget to support this podcast by subscribing us on Patreon – Music by Japan Van Damme.
Photo: Melissa Lyttle for The New York Times.

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