Bob Cesca Show

The Bob Cesca Show 10/13/22

Written by Bob Cesca

A Head Full Of Expired Yogurt -- [Explicit Content] Jody is in-studio with Bob. Plus, we have a second celebrity guest star today here -- and David plays Guess The Secret Celebrity. The Jan. 6 hearings for people of the future. The Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Donald Trump! Connecticut jury hits Alex Jones with a near $1 billion judgment in the Sandy Hook families' latest lawsuit. Putting Alex Jones's debt into perspective. The reactions from the Red-Hat-o-sphere. Trump aide is cooperating with the DOJ. Aide tells investigators Trump ordered him to move documents out of the basement. The Supreme Court declines to determine whether fetuses are people. Rachel Maddow on Ron DeSantis. Sarah Palin on Putin and Alaska -- again. With Spicy Jody Hamilton, David "TRex" Ferguson, music by Our New Autumn, Pasha Black, and more!

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