Bob Cesca Show

The Bob Cesca Show 10/17/23

Written by Bob Cesca

Sunni, Shia, Or Chickpea? -- [Explicit Language] Revelation from Keith Olbermann about the Republican debates and Meet the Press. Jim Jordan fails to win the first round of voting for Speaker. We discuss some of the reasons why -- before the vote actually happened. A possible upside for Democrats if Jim Jordan becomes Speaker. Judge Chutkan issues a gag order against Trump. Trump continues to attack and dox Letitia James. Joe Biden is going to Israel. Trump keeps mispronouncing Hamas. Pro-Hamas accounts on social media are celebrating Trump's attacks on Israel. The false flag conspiracy theories have arrived. The truth about the $6 billion hostage deal with Iran. Ramaswamy annihilated in New Hampshire. With Buzz Burbank, music by Subredlux, Anna-Marie, and more! Buy Debrianna Mansini's and Lisa Lucas's cookbook That Time We Ate Our Feelings (Amazon Promo Link).

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