Bob Cesca Show

The Bob Cesca Show 4/22/21

Written by Bob Cesca

A Gay Dolphin -- [Explicit Content] The "Florida Man" song parody by Hal Sparks; Tucker Carlson laughs like a foppish dandy; Bob gets his first Pfizer vaccine -- Star Trek style; Biden hits 200 million vaccinations in 93 days; New Zealand vs American Shirkers; The Derek Chauvin verdict; Greg Gutfeld's ridiculous take; Judge Jeanine scolds Gutfeld; Cop who shot Walter Scott denied early release; Merrick Garland announces DOJ probe into Minnesota police; The Tennessee House's new anti-choice law; Republicans are proposing and passing 81 anti-protester laws because they love free speech; With David TRex Ferguson; And music by Sister Species and Selekt Few; and more!

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Sister Species - “Heat Death (Hold Me Here)” from Light Exchanges
Selekt Few (featuring Paradox and Callex) – “Not My Way” from Solace Lane

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