Bob Cesca Show

The Bob Cesca Show 8/17/21

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Inevitability -- [Explicit Language] The withdrawal from Afghanistan and the inevitability of the Taliban's return. Fox News and "showing strength." Joe Biden's enormous steel balls. The American people and the Afghan people want this. The press and its outdated script. Loitering for politics. Laura Jedeed's thread. The RNC deleted the web page about Trump ending endless wars. Trump and Pompeo telegraphed all of this to the Taliban. Trump's freeing of 5,000 Taliban prisoners and Mullah Ghani. The Taliban and Camp David. The spike in reckless driving and unruly airplane passengers is real. Safe home, Fez Whatley from the Ron & Fez Show. With Buzz Burbank. And Summer music by Megan McDuffee and The War and Treaty, and more!

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Megan McDuffee - “You're Not Alone” from Inner Demons
The War and Treaty - “Five More Minutes” from Hearts Town

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