Bob Cesca Show

The Bob Cesca Show 8/26/21

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Forceful With His Caucus -- [Explicit Content] Michigan judge destroys Lin Wood and Sydney Powell over The Big Lie. Wood and Powell will have to pay attorneys' fees and attend continuing legal classes. The California Recall and Dianne Feinstein. The House is requesting documents from Trump and 30 members of Trump's team. Afghanistan bombing and the lead-up to the withdrawal. Who's suing Trump today? Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are totally screwed. Igor Fruman pleads guilty. Lev Parnas is hitting on Kimberley again. Red Hat craps his pants over the mask mandate. The COVID medical debt. The Sturgis superspreader. The Red Hat endgame against Biden. With Jody Hamilton and David 'TRex' Ferguson. And summer music from Bob Malone and Marina Rocks. And more!

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Bob Malone - “Good People”
Marina Rocks - “Joy Ride”

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