Bob Cesca Show

The Bob Cesca Show 9/22/22

An Old Man's Scrotum -- [Explicit Content] Trump had a really, really, really bad day. Letitia James files a $250 million lawsuit against Trump and his kids, alleging massive financial fraud. Referrals to SDNY and the criminal division of the IRS. Trump night not be allowed to run another business in New York ever. Trump spokesperson makes things worse for Trump. Where did the "Peekaboo" nickname come from? Trump tells Hannity he can declassify with his mind. Trump lies about Obama's presidential library and NARA. The 11th Circuit stays Judge Cannon's order about top secret documents. The pandemic isn't over. Ted Cruz claims credit for infrastructure he voted against. Migrants are suing DeSantis. Animated music vide for David's "Lucia, Love Yourself" is a finalist for Cannes. With Jody Hamilton, David "TRex" Ferguson, music by Luke LeBlanc, Local Dive, and more!

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