Bob Cesca Show

The Bob Cesca Show 9/6/22

Written by Bob Cesca

Monkey With A Machine Gun -- [Explicit Language] Trump appointed judge inexplicably authorizes a Special Master to review Mar-a-lago items. To appeal or not appeal. Trump's predictable delay tactic. He can't keep getting away with it. The Mar-a-lago espionage inventory. 43 folders labeled top secret were empty. What happened to the documents? Junior needs to shut the eff up for his own good. The RNC announces it will stop paying Trump's legal fees on the espionage scandal. Day Six of Joe Biden's Marine-Gate! Turning a nitpick into a capital case. One Biden thing is being inflated to the same level of outrage as all the Trump things. Trump's PA rally. Update on America's rental crisis. With Buzz Burbank, music by Trysette, Air This Side of Caution, and more!

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