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Bob Cesca
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Silent Night, Holy Crap -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Crisis in Iran; Trump didn't know who Soleimani was in 2015; Trump's madman theory; Pentagon officials gave Trump some choices, he chose the crazy one; Trump loses Tucker Carlson and Rand Paul; Esper contradicts Trump; Trump and Endless Wars; Nikki Haley will always be a Red Hat; Mike Flynn's sentencing; Moscow Mitch and witnesses; Bolton and Rudy want to testify; With music by Rigorous Proof and Suburban Gypsies; and more!

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  • Creating threatening situations and making you feel uncomfortable is pretty much the whole point of the exercise for a Daddy State asshole like 45*.

    He needs us to look to him for our salvation, so he deliberately puts us in jeopardy, expecting us to thank him for saving us from the danger he brought to bear in the first place.

    Killing Soleimani appeals to him because it raises the specter of war, and puts 45* at center stage in the role of warrior king – the deliverer.

    And at the heart of it, I think, is a toxic level of Hero Envy – to the point where he can’t stand anyone being admired (or feared) to a greater degree than himself. And since his own greatest fear is that he’s totally inadequate in practically all things, he’s unable to raise himself up to the standards of those heroes, so he has to debase them – humiliate them. What could debase and humiliate your hero any better than killing him right in front of you?

    It’s the reason for “Lock her up” and for his incessantly shitting on all things Obama.

    The guy is nine kinds of fucked up in the head – and we ain’t see the half of it yet.