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Bob Cesca
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Putin's Puppy -- [Explicit Content] Rudy Giuliani tweeted "The Debat." today; The Biden-Trump debate or whatever the hell that was; Fox News Channel's John Roberts is pissed at the White House; Putin's Puppy; Kremlin propagandists concerned about Trump; Proud Boys added Trump line to their logo; More poll results from the debate; There are still undecided voters somehow; The debate commission is considering new debate rules; Amy Coney Barrett declined to recuse from election matters; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Flying Jacob and Elijah Bone; and more!

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  • Michael B

    The Bowery Boys were a sequel/knock-off of The Dead End Kids. Dead End was a classic prestige Bogart gangster movie from the 30s, based on the Broadway hit by Lillian Hellman about a gang of street kids. (Bogart was third billed.) The gang of kids in the movie was spun-off into a series of cheap movies starring Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall. Gorcey and Hall continued playing the “teenaged” characters into The 60s.

  • katanahamon

    It’s not good for America to (purposely and repeatedly) hold a spectacle where our top politicians look like incompetent fools. And Rump drags Biden down to the level of incompetence. I realized today how much I’ve repressed about the Supreme Court decision that gave the White House to Bush. That really was the second we started down the toilet..the final nail was the stealing of a seat by McConnell. Unless we win and expand the court (number of justices increased to counter the right wing cheating) as a temporary solution to our dysfunctional society, we are screwed. The partisan-ization of all branches of government cripples our democracy. I honestly believe Biden could easily sell expanding the court by having a fireside chat explaining that a basic belief we have about ourselves and America is that we at least try for fairness..and the stacking of the Supreme Court to rig it to be right wing is simply not fair.

    The debate might have raised funds for Biden, but..what good is that when Tx gov Abbott closed 11 of 12 ballot drop boxes in the largest county in Tx? Can we counter the cheating? I worry that all this bullshit just damages us further. I guess Biden just can’t back down in this circumstance without giving ground, so, unfortunately we are probably going to have to just endure another “spectacle” unless they change the rules and Rump won’t participate, which he will then blame on Biden. (“See..? They had to change the debate because Sleepy Joe couldn’t keep up with the awesome me!! I won’t waste my time having to be civilized!!”)

    Soil science, cover cropping and better practices have revealed that using cattle (thought of this when y’all talked about “coming for the cows”, but we won’t, because they are part of good farming and soil science practice..) and moving them from field to field makes the soil healthier much faster than not having cattle or other animals at all. Here’s a vid on soil science where they talk about it at about minute 35. (Greencover seed is a great company..)
    You can also see this practice in Joel Salatin’s farming’s a wonderful interview with him, great shots of his beautiful fields..